My Jasmine Plant

By Anita Manley

I have finally come to accept that winter is not my friend. Once the sun starts setting in the late afternoon and the weather gets cold and grey here in Ottawa, I turn into a couch potato wrapped in my cozy blanket (handmade and gifted to me by my very kind knitting friends), get less exercise, sleep more and and eat too many baked goods. Last winter, mostly due to the ice on the sidewalks, and not being able to get out to walk my 10,000 steps per day (or so I said), I gained 15 pounds. That is a lot of weight. At my checkup, my doctor said, “The icy sidewalks are no excuse, Anita. You have a gym in your building!” Again this year, as soon as November came around, my fitness routine went out the window and I became more sedentary. Last month, I started using my Happy Lamp, and that gave me a bit more “get up and go” as my Mom would say. Yet still, the gym awaited me. I did get out for walks, but that is not enough.

A few months ago, I read an article that claimed: keeping a jasmine plant in your room would help to ward off depression and anxiety. So, I immediately called around to plant stores and put one on order. Last week, mine finally arrived and I went to pick it up. It is lovely and in full bloom. It sits in our bedroom and the fragrance fills the room. In fact, I can smell the beautiful floral scent as soon as I enter our apartment.

In the article , I read that it was determined, by researchers, that jasmine can help:

– Reduce anxiety and nervous tension
– Boost mood
– Improve cognitive performance and alertness
– Improve sleep quality
– Balance hormones
– Treat hot flashes and mood swings
– Increase libido

Using jasmine essential oils could help too.

I have found over the past week that I have been sleeping sounder and have an elevated mood. I am also more alert. This may be due to having the jasmine plant in my bedroom and using my happy lamp for 10 – 15 minutes a day. Or maybe it is due to the days gradually getting longer. I’m not sure.

It all is starting to help make winter more bearable for me… BUT, I have yet to make it to the gym!

A new month is just around the corner! Perhaps I will have energy for a rejuvinated routine too! Wish me luck.

As for today, I am lounging on the couch, covered with my warm and cozy blanket, with my laptop, responding to emails and writing my blog. This morning, I decided to bake chocolate chip muffins for breakfast… because, you can never really have too many chocolate chip muffins. RIGHT?

My beautifully fragrant jasmine plant.

Note: Please do not use this information in replacement of doctors recommendations or treatments. Consult with a doctor before changing or going off any medications.

3 thoughts on “My Jasmine Plant

  1. I’m leaving early Thursday morning for 9 days away. OR I’d be banging at your door and begging for a muffin! My fat arse will barely squeeze into my large bathing suit!!!!

    Julie Budzin Sent from my iPhone


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  2. I’ve asked Al to get me a Jasmine plant when I return and may get a SAD light for next year as I’ve thought about that for ages. Xox Julie Budzin Sent from my iPhone


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  3. I too have a jasmine plant but it has not flowered. 😞 I have been told that it requires fertilizer. Just to let you know in case yours doesn’t flower again. I have been for omg myself to walk daily as I recover. Not easy but a must. Perhaps a cyber walking group is something ? We can all encourage each other to get out there! I am now up to 20 minutes per day. A huge success and improvement from what I was only able to do 3 months ago (5 – 10 mins) I have also adopted a very clean diet. Whole food plant based. I am currently doing raw greens for a min of 6 weeks to heal It has been extremely helpful. More energy, clarity and decreased anxiety. Taking care of ourselves is tough business.

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